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Privacy Policy

When you work with Samedayassignments, your privacy is by far the most important aspect for us; the privacy policy moves on to lay out the various distinctive policies and procedures of our firm, which are crucial when it comes to the use, the collection, disclosure and storage of your personal information. By working with our site, you make an agreement with our terms and conditions and, therefore, also our privacy policy.

Accepting the privacy policy is extremely crucial as it would express your consent to the collection and use of your personal information, such as your website module. One thing more to be kept in consideration is that the privacy policy is incorporated into the subject use.

Collecting Of Information

It is most certain that we are eager to serve our customers their best and the finest experience when it comes to writing. This is a sign that we are very much passionate about how our customers feel about us. Customer experience is also a reason why we are transparent about our policies; we are obliged to let you know that when you browse on our site, some aspect of the information will be saved to us, but it will not be your own personal information, and you will not be linked back with that information.

However, it is different when we create an account. When you move on to create an account, then you actually give out the information to us, including your name, address, telephone number and your debit and credit card information. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about that even a bit because we make sure to retain that information completely and use it only to provide support, resolve any disputes, and troubleshoot any kind of problems which are available.

Sharing And Use Of Information

Giving your personal information to us would sound a little sceptical but do not worry because we care about how your personal information is used and shared. We might use the information for all lawful purposes, such as researching for a better understanding of the customers. However, we ensure you do not use any provided information against your interest or will.


We make sure to keep your privacy intact using certain tactics and procedures. Our website ensures to mix the industry-approved electronic, physical and procedural safeties to make sure that your information is well protected. None of the aspects of the strain of information that is provided to us will be tampered with.

More General Rules And Regulations

  • All the information that we get from you, we ensure to keep strictly confidential and within the company.
  • The student information is never handed out to any third parties.
  • If we have any information regarding your tutor, we will make sure never to give it out to third parties.
  • When you pay us, we make sure that we handle it with great care through different gateways of payment to make sure that the transaction you carry out is made in a secure manner through whatever your means are, bank, credit or debit card.
  • We also contain the right to use any information provided to us to recover any pending payments which are not provided to us.
  • We also hold to right to make alterations to the privacy policy at any given time. If any rule which is made does not comply with us, then we ensure to remove it entirely or alter it accordingly.
If you think that any of our policies do not comply with the privacy law in the United Kingdom or if there are some alterations which could be made, then mail us at and let us know.