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Terms & Condition

When working with Samedayassignments, please make sure to thoroughly go through the complete terms and conditions in a careful manner before making use of any of the services which we provide. These terms and conditions which are mentioned are present and applicable to all the users who are available to utilise our services along with the visitors who are scrolling the website. Please keep in mind that when it comes to these terms and conditions, the term ‘we’ refers to us as a service provider, and ‘you’ refers to any students or teachers here who are looking to avail the wide range of our services.

Statement Of Copyright

We hereby declare openly that the content which is used on this site is not copyrighted but original materials. They are also exclusively and complete owned by this site only; however, the prints from this very site could be utilised for any kind of noncommercial use only. We have not granted permission to anyone to use the content of this site for any sort of commercial purposes or to modify the content of this site for any other purpose.

Limitations Present In Use

When you register on our site, you have to ensure that the information which we will provide to you will be used only by the tutor or yourself for studying purposes only and not for any kind of commercial or business use. You cannot submit any work which is not provided to you for submission and for learning purposes only. You cannot use the questions or answers which we provide to complete any homework or tests if it’s instructed in the information that it can’t be used for students. Any work which is not meant to be submitted to increase your grade should not be submitted at all, or else it would be plagiarised.

If anybody who is using our services is found violating any of the policies which are mentioned above, then we are obliged to take strict action where the law might and will be involved. Moreover, if we are able to prove that our terms and conditions were violated, then we have all the right to alter the work which would be provided to you.

Methods To Use

If you wish to send us some work which should be solved using methods, then we would strongly advise you to send the name or working of the method so that we make sure that no other method is used. This is because almost all of the solutions which should be solved by methods have multiple methods, which are all right. Most of the time, our experienced writers use complex methods which could be out of your module. If you have not informed us of the method before then, we will move on to use our own method, and any changes which would be made in that method would be charged as extra work as our writers would have to work again.

More General Rules And Regulations

Most of the time, when there are queries, they mostly tend to run out of the given work, and we have to charge extra for it. But don’t worry because we will make sure to resolve the issue with you and talk you through the complete process. We would mutually decide on the method of payment and the deadline of your query. This process will grant you satisfaction and quality of work overall. In our power, we will make sure to help you in all the possible ways; however, if we fail to help you in any way, then you can always send us extra information for the work which is needed to be done so that we can guarantee you quality.


We make sure to reserve any kind of right of alteration in the membership fee or the subscription for the usage of any of our services.


We also hold the sole right to change any kind of policies and terms and conditions without providing any information to you about it or getting your consent.

Also, you should keep in consideration that when you sign up for a subscription on the site, then you give us the right to send you emails of subscription.